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Don Ross and Andy McKee Youtube

Don Ross and Andy McKee on Youtube Video.   Both these players play extraordiary guitar, to have them together is a treat.  The tune is called Ebon Coast.

For more Andy MCkee, go to Andy McKee



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Alex De Grassi Youtube – Live in the Hotel Room

You may be familiar with the great Michael Hedges who recorded on the Windham label in the 1980’s.  William Akkerman, co-founder of this label introduced us to some extraordinary musicians apart from Hedges, there was keyboard George Winston, Robbie Basho, Darol Anger and among others, Alex De Grassi.   I feel that too many people who weren’t listening properly were in a hurry to throw some of the material into the New Age category, something that to many musicians often means 45 minutes of Cmaj7 to Fmaj7 with a synth in he background.    Alex De Grassi’s recordings are now legendary and albums such as Turning: Turning Back and Slow Circle set the benchmark for quality in opened tuned guitar playing.

This recording is of Alex De Grassi recorded i a Hotel Room, just the guitar.  Watch how he develops.

To hear more great Acoustic Guitar check this out some of the following Antoine Dufour, Don Ross and Howlin’ Wolf

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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Bouree De Visee

Here is Part 6 of my Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangements for Guitar.  I’ve probably angered the Classical Guitar Gods here.  I have taken De Visee’s Bouree and put it into another key.  It was previously in D Minor, the saddest of keys. Being a practician of common sense it seemed logical to throw into in A Minor instead, let’s face it we’ll get some bottom end, and without joining the BoomBox community, that could be a great plus.

Years ago I read an article in Guitar Player Magazine by Larry Corryell and he had rearranged De Visee’s Minuet, and a reader gave him hell.  Next month Coryell wrote a whole article about the issue, frankly I think it should never had gone to print.  But I was in agreement totally with Coryell.

So here it is and I’ll get ready for the hate mail and the ghost of de Visee to haunt me.

I now tap my baton and say “Allegretto”

Bouree by De Visee

Bouree by De Visee

Here is the Midi File to give you an idea of what it sounds like Bouree by De Visee for Fingerstyle Guitar
NOTE: Keep in mind it is computer generated.

And here is the printable PDF  Bourree_by De_Visee for Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

For Part 1 of the Fingerstyle Arrangements go to Part 1 Fingerstyle Arrangements


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United Breaks Guitars More Info

Here’s a statement from Dave, the guitar player at the center of the United Breaks Guitars airline baggage issue

Dave Carroll Music

Original Post Dave Caroll Youtube

Taylor Guitars Response By Taylor Guitars


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Taylor Guitars Youtube for Safe Guitar When Flying

Taylor Guitars has created a Youtube response for safe travel for guitars after a Taylor Guitar was damaged in transit

To see the song written about the broken guitar go to Anti Airline Song


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Acoustic Guitar Anti Airline Song

Thanks to Steve Gadd for alerting me to this article.   A Canadian guitar player had a favorite Acoustic Guitar damaged by an Airline and he has written a song about it.  To read the article go to Guitarist’s Anti Airline News

As a guitar player, I sympathise with him.  I’ve always had a habit of handing over my guitar and never looking out the window at the terminal.  I was talking to a guitarist recently who owned a handmade Kevin Ryan Acoustic Guitar,  when he opened the case at Los Angeles Airport it had the neck broken off

Official Taylor Guitar Site


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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Above the Braeside

Recently I posted a number of simple acoustic guitar arrangements which were reasonably simple to play and great for helping guitar players develop their repertoires and were they also designed to help players move away from playing straight chords.  By breaking songs up into simple melodies and oyther basic moving parts, the melody stands out a little more and it becomes much more interesting to the listener (even if the listener has no idea what is going on).

An Australian guitar player by he name of Steve Gadd based in Tasmania has been very kind enough to allow me to post a few of his arrangements for acoustic fingerstyle guitar and make them available to guitar players.  (Thanks Steve).  Steve and Marjorie have a website, check out what they are up to at Music Tasmania I also heard a whisper that Steve has been in the studio lately, I’ll keep you posted on that as well in the near future.

The tune is called Above the Braeside

For other simple acoustic arrangements Acoustic Guitarist Fingerstyle

I will also be posting other arrangements here in the near future

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