Lior and Serena Ryder Youtube

I just saw the show Rockwiz on television it had Lior and Serena Ryder performing Neil Youngs Heart of Gold.  Very nice.  Lior also did a very good acoustic tune. Excellent backing band as usual.  I love it when music is live and there’s combinations of people peforming who don’t normally work together but manage to create something fresh.  Nice harmonica too.  I’ll update soon about where Lior is performing, he’s a Sydney based musician and he’s very musical. I’m glad they put this tune on youtube to share with us.

Liors website Lior



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3 responses to “Lior and Serena Ryder Youtube

  1. You certainly have a lot of great guitar stuffs here. Loved the videos! Hope you continue posting more…

  2. Yay! Neil Young revisited and well done too. I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Gee-ma

    Man, how good are these guys. Ive been looking for this clip since seeing them onm Rockwiz Saturday night.
    Serena is a real talent.
    Thanks for sharing

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