Kenny Rankin Dead- Sad News

 I just heard the news that the great singer songwriter guitar player Kenny Rankin has passed on.

I am grateful to him for his beautiful music which I have listened to since the early seventies.

Sending well wishes and Bluessing to Kenny Rankin’s family from all those who loved Kenny’s music in Australia, Kenny holds legendary status amongst many people that I know. 

Here is Kenny in action

Also, this is so perfect, the song that he wrote Peaceful Kenny Rankin

Here is a news article about Kenny’s passing 

Kenny Rankin

Kenny Rankin



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2 responses to “Kenny Rankin Dead- Sad News

  1. Saw him at The Other End in NYC in the late seventies… he was, as you may have guess… wonderful. He’ll be missed.

    • John. Unfortunately I never got to see him. The closest I ever got before Youtube was here, was on the Helen Reddy show in the 1970’s playing Peaceful. A great singer and his playing was perfect for his voice. Tony

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