Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 4 Down By Sally Gardens

Here is Part 4 of my Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangements.  It’s a traditional song called Down By Sally Gardens.  I’ve put this into the key of G so it  is easy enough to play.  It is a two page chart in TAB and music notation.  The first section on page one is a standard bass and melody part, wheras page two has a slight variation around the the theme.  There were quite a few variation options but I think what I have written works well, you may like to create your own versions, when you play solo guitar, nothing is set in stone and there’s always room for reinterpreting a piece of music.  

Down By Sally Gardens

Down By Sally Gardens

Here is a link to the computer generated midi file to give you a rough idea of the way the bass and melody parts work together and to help guitar players who concentrate more on TAB than reading dots.  Remember, a human would phrase this a bit more musically.

MIDI FILE – Down By Sally Gardens Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

To access or download the  quality printable adobe pdf version of the song click   Down by Sally_Gardens

I really enjoyed arranging this, I hope you get plenty from this tune.

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5 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 4 Down By Sally Gardens

  1. Nice arrangement, love the second part of it. It kept my lazy fingers to move along my guitar fingerboard.

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