Acoustic Guitar Tapping Youtube

Here is a very interesting Acoustic Guitar video of a guitar player by the name of Justin King using acoustic guitar tapping techniques.  Justin has an album called Bleu.  To hear samples of Justins music, go to the website at the following address, Justin King

To hear another brilliant contemporary acoustic guitar players go to Acoustic Guitar Player, go to Antoin Dufour



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9 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Tapping Youtube

  1. Justin’s album is called Le Bleu. Also, as far as tapping guitarists go, his playing is very well-articulated but not terribly diverse in either rhythm or harmony. You’d be far better off amazing yourself with somebody like Andreas Kapsalis. Randy Collins is also an excellent player. And I do my best.

    • Thanks for the comment Michael. I will check out these players. What you are saying about harmony etc is very valid, but when I did this post I thought it was an interesting from the aspect of tapping. As a rule my personal tastes leans more towards Michael Hedges, Ralph Towner and Antoine Dufour…. these players are more refined in those areas. I try and cover all sorts of players, cowboys, acoustic shredders, traditional blues and great acoustic jazz players because the goal of my sites is to open a lot of budding guitar players and enthusiasts up to different styles of music and to showcase new players and and great players that really should get greater exposure. My other site is at, between these to blog sites, it’s pretty well covered but I’m always open to new players and have a backlog of about 40 players I wish to write about. Currently I am developing other areas of IT so time is tight

      Tony Hogan

  2. I think this clip is an excellent example of how the acoustic guitar has capabilities that an electric guitar simply cannot do as well.

  3. howardho

    Very interesting and cool. I’m starting to learn how to play guitar, self taught, and this kind of creative uniqueness is what’s helping me get through my first major chords 🙂 thanks for the post

  4. That guy is insane, awesome style of slap and tap, he even drums the guitar at the start, cool guitarists and very unique. No complaints here 🙂 Good stuff.

  5. drtombibey

    I hope you will read my post on the Guitar Man on my blog today. He is my favorite.

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