Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 2

Last week I wrote an Acoustic Finger Style GuitarArrangement of an old Irish Tune. This week I’ve done another reasonably simple acoustic guitar arrangement of another old Irish ballad called the Water is Wide.

The arrangement I’ve done of this is very different to the last one I did. The Water is Wide is a beautiful song which I have sung and played for about a dozen years or so now, I had never considered doing it until I heard James Taylor do a great version of it.

ABOUT the ARRANGEMENT: Originally I was going to upload a very different version. When I sing and play the tune I play a solo guitar arrangement in the middle as a guitar break. When I started looking closely at what I was going to upload I realised I didn’t particularly like the movement of the bass part, it seemed to be rather weak, so I spent about three hours modifying it so the bass part was more musical and flowing. So the emphasis, strangely enough on this piece which has a very beautiful melody, is the bass part. If you isolate it, and play it you’ll notice what I mean. I could take it further but I needed a cut off point. There is minimal chord playing in this tune but that’s what I wanted. At some time in the future I will transcribe a version of it whch is closer to what I normally play, more folk blues.

This version is very bare bones, if I were to play it as a tune there’d be a lot more fills and arpeggios etc, but if I were to transcribe that it would look too complex and scare peole off, so I’ll just submit the underlying idea for you to build on and modify accrdingly.

Playing arrangements will strengthen your playing , a lot of good players will recommend learning to play tunes instead of just chords, riffs, blues scales and solos.

Water is Wide Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

Water is Wide Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

Here’s the printable version Water_is Wide

To hear the midi file version click the link 

Water is Wide – Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

( Midi files are not real audio files they are just a computer generated equivalent, this will give you an idea of the sound of the tune if your reading skills are still developing). Please add feeling and personality.

The previous Fingerstyle Arrangement can be found at the following link

Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement

Tony Hogan



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4 responses to “Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 2

  1. Hi. From the midi playback, it sounds a nice arrangement. I will learn to play it and your previous arrangement for my self-study materials (I hope it is not too difficult, since I am a beginner in guitar :). Thanks.

  2. Your doing some good things Tony. Thanks for posting this.

  3. I would appreciate it if u ca send the picture of how to arrange fingers on guter.

    • Ephraim, I’ll have a look at the chart I wrote and see what I can do. I generally work in a manner that I choose the most comfortable way possible, I play with the finger so that there is minimal tension.


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