Acoustic Guitarist Earth Hour

Earth Hour    
Earth Hour

Earth Hour from an Acoustic Guitarist point of View.

 So Earth Hour came and went here.  It caught me on the back foot this year.  I had been thinking of some ideas to save energy, like asking my family to stand still for an hour, breathe slower to save oxygen, and was even considering closed eyes to prevent blinking. But then again if we are to be part of Earth Hour we probably need to keep our eyes open.  My initial idea was to sleep for an hour, but that’s sort of cheating.  And when I woke up, it would’ve meant that I’d be up half the night using triple the power with a laptop, hi fi system and tele running at the same time.  

 I was having some mad thoughts about taking all the batteries out of my preamps, guitars and pedals. Being an acoustic player, I’m already unplugged, so not having to intentionally turn off a Marshall stack of a Saturday night wasn’t an issue.   I was tempted to set up my acoustic rig and put a sign on it for 60 minutes saying “Out o Service for Earth Hour”, but in the end it seemed ludicrous because no-one would see it except my wife, and she’d be taking her spectacles off anyway, my daughter would roll here eyes (which translates as ‘You are stupid dad’); and my son was out raiding his friends families fridge anyway.  He would have been the only one who would have ‘got it’, but he’d grunt  and pretend it wasn’t funny.  So I spent the time in the dark with one candle trying to put together a table I bought today to reset up my audio.  

 So I’ll play unplugged for a couple of hours now instead of plugging in,  I might sit around and work on some acoustic versions of songs that would never be played on acoustic, now that would be a great contribution to saving energy. I’m not quite sure which tunes to do though. … Maybe Rock And Roll Aint Noise Pollution by AC DC

Oh…I just realised I forgot to turn off the fridge. 

And here’s a link to the Official Google Blog Earth Hour Post 



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4 responses to “Acoustic Guitarist Earth Hour

  1. Haha. Your first sentence rhymes. Great post, by the way.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post on Earth Hour…very funny.

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