Acoustic Guitar Blogger Interview

Recently I had contact with one of the other guitar sites and they asked me to do an interview as part of their Guitar Hero series, not the virtual Guitar Hero, but one’s that have spent their lives fine tuning their skills.   I very much appreciate being part of their series because I understand that there is more to developing as a Guitar Player and there are hidden areas of the Guitar World which are often bypassed

To read the interview go to Guitar Hero



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3 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Blogger Interview

  1. Waldo

    Great blog!!
    Would you happen to know where can I find the chords of Ralph Towner’s Icarus, as played with Oregon?

    Thank you

    • Waldo

      It’s a great song, I did have a copy of the REAL Book of jazz standards some years ago and it was in there. But to honest, all those charts are just a rough sketch of the tunes. It only has a handful of tunes, you may want to Google it, I am not prepared to direct anyone to other sites with free music because it may be a breach of .copyright.

      As for an arrangement or guitar, I haven’t seen one. But I purchased his Guitar Book (Master Series) some years back, fantastic


  2. That’s cool that you had that interview opportunity. I would certainly snatch that up.

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