Michael Hedges Youtube Harp Guitar

For those of you who remember the great (late) Michael Hedges,  here is in action.  I was also most interested when Jazz Guitar player Pat Martino recorded with Michael Hedges on Both Sides Now (Martino album).  Many may not be aware that Michael Hedges also recorded a song called Bensusan, dedicated to Pierre Bensusan, and also Bensusan recorded a tune dedicated to Michael Hedges.  Both great players with mutual respect for each other.  There are many players now who have followed in Michael Hedges footsteps.  He has no doubt inspired a new generation of guitar players.

Michaels untimely death was not only a tragedy for his family, but for the guitar world as a whole.



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4 responses to “Michael Hedges Youtube Harp Guitar

  1. *hypnotized*

    Wow… This guitarist is truly a one of a kind! I’m ashamed to say I never knew about this guy until I ran into your blog right now and saw this post.

    Thank you for posting this. I’m bookmarking this blog and I’ll be keeping an eye on ya. 🙂

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  3. I first saw Michael perform live at the Berkeley Community Theater on a bill with Leo Kottke, another of my guitar heroes, and fell in love on the spot. What a musician, composer, and person Michael was. I was so sad to hear of his death. But, he leaves behind an awesome legacy in his albums and that’s one good thing.

    • Carla

      Your lucky to see such a great player, he’s my favorite of all the acoustic players, closely followed by Pierre Bensusan. Both players had mutual respect for each other


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