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Phil Keaggy Youtube Legacy

Here is a tune on Yotube Video by the great acoustic fingerstye guitar player Phil Keaggy.  It starts off as a reasonably simple tune but then develops with some rather interesting techniques,  it’s a very nice acoustic piece.  I was recently introduced to this piece by Peter Miller, an Australian Fingerstyle acoustic guitar player who is playing as a support act for Pierre Bensusan in Queensland Australia at the Soundlounge in Currumbin.  Peter’s Website is Peter Miller com

Thanks Peter Miller for introducing us to another great Phil Keaggy tune



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4 thoughts on “Phil Keaggy Youtube Legacy

  1. Phil Keaggy, wow! Check out his song, Riverton, on you yube. He has been performing live, for maybe 40 years, so there is a lot to check out. I’ve seen him perform many times over the last 37 years and he’s always great!

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