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Greg Poree

Greg Poree

As a musician myself who has played guitar for near 40 years, it astonishes me how much information is now available for musicians / guitarists who are wanting to take their playing to the next level.  In my role as a passionate guitar player and teacher I’m fortunate enough to be constantly exposed to new players, well when I say new players, I mean new to me.

I only came across Greg Poree yesterday and when I saw his Biography  I thought… oh that guy!   And then I heard his playing and I thought oh dear this guy is not only good but has all the pieces and is willing to share them.   What struck me about Greg’s playing was his ability to keep it musical at all times. One of the issues that many players who have great chops and really know the instrument well  have,  is that they are inclined to get too clever, this is understandable but it’s easy to lose sight of the music in cleverness.  But Greg plays music.  My dear friend Ike Isaacs from Grapelli’s band used to say to me about one really great world famous player  who got a bit too clever at times,  “Tony, he’s great,  he knows everything but plays it all in one song “.  So to hear players that have the balance between skill and music is always a pleasure.


Host: Greg Porée

Type: Education – Workshop

Start Time:  Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 11:00am

End Time: Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 5:00pm

Location: Moontraxx Music Studio

City/Town: Los Angeles, CA

Here’s What Greg is Going to Cover in the Workshop

SATURDAY March 14 2009, 11am – 1pm

Morning session / CHORDS

How to quickly understand a chord chart by chord function and by shape making it a lot easier to read.
This process will also show how easy it is to build and spell your own chords on the guitar as well as addressing the art of substitution.

– LUNCH BREAK 1pm – 2pm –

Afternoon session / CHART READING 2pm – 5pm

The afternoon session will be dedicated to applying the techniques from the morning to actual tunes. The genre of tunes will cover jazz, Brazilian, fusion, R&B and funk; however, the techniques learned can be applied to any style. If you’ve got a particular tune you want to try, please bring the printed lead sheet.

SUNDAY March 15 2009, 11am – 1pm

Morning session / ENSEMBLE PLAYING

Exploring the principles of ensemble playing whether live or in the studio and how to get the most out of the unique qualities of the guitar.
Blending the guitar with other instruments is always an issue, we’ll explore how to do this no matter the instrumentation.

– LUNCH BREAK 1pm – 2pm –

Afternoon session / JAM SESSION 2pm – 5pm

The afternoon session will be dedicated to simply playing live, applying all the techniques from the workshop.

Email: Go to Gregs Site and Click on Reach Greg Poree Website

Here is Greg’s Myspace Greg Poree

Here’s a snippet of Greg’s Bio

Greg also played on numerous Motown recording sessions with Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, and The Jackson 5. Other artists Greg traveled with during the 70’s included Paul Anka, Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin and Isaac Hayes, but with the birth of his sons Emile and Justin, Greg no longer wanted the road life. He channeled his skills into becoming a top LA studio guitarist working with an amazing range of musical talent such as Donald Byrd, Randy Crawford, The 5th Dimension, Benny Golson, Aretha Franklin, Ahmad Jamal, Syl Johnson, James Brown, Al Green, Albert King, Teena Marie, Phoebe Snow, Dusty Springfield, The Originals, Donny Osmond, Edwin Starr, Stanley Turrentine, Lenny Williams and Joan Baez.

To get in contact with Greg, go to Gregs Site and Click on Reach Greg Poree Website

Tony Hogan “Raising the Standard of Guitar Globally”, if I like it I tell everyone, no strings attached


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