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Peter Miller Acoustic Guitar Youtube

Here’s some very nice Steel String Acoustic Guitar by an Australian based Acoustic Guitarist called Peter Miller.  Peter will be performing on the same bill as the great French based guitar player Pierre Bensusan at the Soundlounge on the Gold Coast Queensland. 

The song is called Full Flight

Here is a link to Peter Miller’s Myspace


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Acoustic Guitarist Earth Hour

Earth Hour    
Earth Hour

Earth Hour from an Acoustic Guitarist point of View.

 So Earth Hour came and went here.  It caught me on the back foot this year.  I had been thinking of some ideas to save energy, like asking my family to stand still for an hour, breathe slower to save oxygen, and was even considering closed eyes to prevent blinking. But then again if we are to be part of Earth Hour we probably need to keep our eyes open.  My initial idea was to sleep for an hour, but that’s sort of cheating.  And when I woke up, it would’ve meant that I’d be up half the night using triple the power with a laptop, hi fi system and tele running at the same time.  

 I was having some mad thoughts about taking all the batteries out of my preamps, guitars and pedals. Being an acoustic player, I’m already unplugged, so not having to intentionally turn off a Marshall stack of a Saturday night wasn’t an issue.   I was tempted to set up my acoustic rig and put a sign on it for 60 minutes saying “Out o Service for Earth Hour”, but in the end it seemed ludicrous because no-one would see it except my wife, and she’d be taking her spectacles off anyway, my daughter would roll here eyes (which translates as ‘You are stupid dad’); and my son was out raiding his friends families fridge anyway.  He would have been the only one who would have ‘got it’, but he’d grunt  and pretend it wasn’t funny.  So I spent the time in the dark with one candle trying to put together a table I bought today to reset up my audio.  

 So I’ll play unplugged for a couple of hours now instead of plugging in,  I might sit around and work on some acoustic versions of songs that would never be played on acoustic, now that would be a great contribution to saving energy. I’m not quite sure which tunes to do though. … Maybe Rock And Roll Aint Noise Pollution by AC DC

Oh…I just realised I forgot to turn off the fridge. 

And here’s a link to the Official Google Blog Earth Hour Post 


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Acoustic Guitar Blogger Interview

Recently I had contact with one of the other guitar sites and they asked me to do an interview as part of their Guitar Hero series, not the virtual Guitar Hero, but one’s that have spent their lives fine tuning their skills.   I very much appreciate being part of their series because I understand that there is more to developing as a Guitar Player and there are hidden areas of the Guitar World which are often bypassed

To read the interview go to Guitar Hero


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How to Improvise on Guitar – Part 5

A lot of guitar players I’ve met feel a little intimidated when they see anything more than a normal set of Major, Minor or Seventh chords. What I’ve done in this article is create a simple exercise to help train the ear a little more for dealing with chords which have additional notes. The chords I have chosen to work with are ones which often turn up in a lot of jazz tunes. They are Em7b5, that’s an E minor 7th chord with a flattened (one note lower) 5th. An A7b9, an A7 chord with the 9th note of the A scale flattened one semi-tone. And a D minor. Any additional notes mentioned in the chord names are slight variations. I like Joe Pass’s , great jazz player, he always broke it down to the fundamentals, Minors, Majors and Sevenths. But really you’ve got to use the right things over the top, otherwise it sounds awful.

I’ve added a simple midi file to give you an idea of the sound.  I’ve used a midi file because the file size is tiny.  Midi files as you may know, use the sounds embedded in your sound card, it’s not real audio. Click to hear Em7b5-A7b9-Dm.mid

How To Improvise on Guitar

How To Improvise on Guitar


Printable version in Adobe PDF format – Click  How To Improvise on Guitar

Practice slowly and then once your ear gets used to the sound, gradually speed up and then look at ways of working with the chords and notes, changing the the phrasing and order of the notes.


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Michael Hedges Youtube Harp Guitar

For those of you who remember the great (late) Michael Hedges,  here is in action.  I was also most interested when Jazz Guitar player Pat Martino recorded with Michael Hedges on Both Sides Now (Martino album).  Many may not be aware that Michael Hedges also recorded a song called Bensusan, dedicated to Pierre Bensusan, and also Bensusan recorded a tune dedicated to Michael Hedges.  Both great players with mutual respect for each other.  There are many players now who have followed in Michael Hedges footsteps.  He has no doubt inspired a new generation of guitar players.

Michaels untimely death was not only a tragedy for his family, but for the guitar world as a whole.


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Norman Savitt – Acoustic Guitar Player Part 2

Norman Savitt    

Norman Savitt

Here’s Part 2 of my posts about Acoustic Guitar Players.  
This one is about Norman Savitt 

To quote from the Balkan Records Site 

“Norman Savitt is a unique acoustic guitarist with a versatility, texture and expression that is distinct and timeless. His debut CD, “Norman Savitt and Friends”, brings Norman together with master musicians Howard Levy, Eugene Friesen, David Amram and Susan Mitchell, in a mix of duo and solo pieces, a “compelling musical mix of happy and meditative tunes, played with enjoyment, imagination and care… full of beautiful sounds and good feelings. ”

Normans guitar playing has a folkish, slight roots sort of feel to it, with a hint every now and then of  the great Celtic players, but it has a refreshing newness about it.  I’m a fan already only after one day. 

Here is Normans MySpace – Norman Savitt

To check out Normans CD  go to Balkan Samba Records 


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Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Youtube – Hound Dog

It’s 40 years since since I first heard Hendrix, I have never seen this. Jimi Hendrix playing Hound Dog on acoustic guitar. An absolute gem of a find. wow!

Thanks to John Francis for bringing it to my attention John Francis 


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