How To Improvise on Guitar – Part 4

This is a short tutorial which is easier than it may look to some players who can’t read music dots. The Guitar TAB will get you through it.

How to Improvise on Guitar

How to Improvise on Guitar

Ok, What is it all about.   Sure, the chords have funny names, bu really they are just A Minor with one changed note, a D7 with a couple of extra notex to give it colourand a G minor with a a cople of added notes.  The A minor with the flat 5 and the D7 altered chords are what is used to comfortabely move to the G Minor, you’ll see them in a lot of Jazz Standards.  They are nicer to use than a straight A minor to D7.

The lines I’ve written are pretty simple, but when you get them sorted, rip them apart and turn them inside so your ear hears the sound of what the notes are spelling out.

To download the printable PDF file click am7b5_d7b9


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