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Jimmy Page and Roy Harper Youtube

Now this IS interesting.  Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Roy Harper playing Acoustic Guitars out in the country doing Hangman, the tune that Led Zeppelin did and scared the living daylights out of everyone. It’s from around 1984 and they are playing Ovation Adamas guitars. This is of great historical value (already). Roy Harper is a great British musician who inspired Jimmy Page. Remember the Zeppelin tune Hats of to Roy Harper?



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12 thoughts on “Jimmy Page and Roy Harper Youtube

  1. Hangman is a Harper original, recorded for his album Whatever happened to Jugula, released in ’85 on which Jimmy also played – are you sure you’re not thinking of Gallows Pole – the folksong Leadbelly first recorded and Zep covered on III ? Lovely to see this clip though, is the clip of Same Old Rock up there somewhere as well?

  2. This is one of my all time fav’s, I played this album so much when it was first issued that I literally wore it out. The clip was shown on the old grey whistle test and was shot on the side of Scarfel Pike, Englands highest peak. Does anyone have a decent tab of this song, the only tab on the net (by Phil Lord) is way off. It sounds like they’re playing with a drop tuning. Would love to learn this.

    1. Mark, I think it’s a DADGAD or similar D tuning (maybe Dm) but also dropped another semi tone to C#. At least that swill take the mystery out.

      I’ll see what I can find out


  3. Good Post!
    I like the Ovation guitars. In addition to its many models available, the quality is very good compared with other brands of guitars. I have an Ovation Elite a few years ago, and never disappointed me. Recently bought one for my son, an Ovation Classic for my son on the internet.

  4. I also want to learn how to play this song correctly, “Lord Phil’s” interpretation has just gotten me frustrated and I would like to know how to play it correctly. a chord progression would be appreciated.

  5. This is a DADGAD tuning which is Roy’s faverite tuning, he uses this tuning on a lot of his songs. The song in question is in fact Hangman off of the album “Whatever Happened Jugula” by Harper and Page, the song itself is in A minor, but Roy Harper tunes his guitar to his singing voice, if you listen to a lot of his live work you will find the tunings can be varied as he has got older, thats where the confusion is. If you check the album there is also a David Gilmour callaboration too. As in the song “Hats Off To Roy Harper” Jimmy and Roy have been mates for years, check out “Hors D’ouvres” Jimmy plays on “The Same Old Rock” also the album “Valentine” John Paul Jones plays bass and Jimmy too, but due to record contracts at the time they were not credited for there work and used sudonym’s. If you want to know how to play the song email me……I actually learnt my first guitar tunes listening to Roy Harper.

  6. Remember this when it was first broadcast. My VHS recording was stolen in a burglary. Beautiful. Fantastic album I remember riding my bike as a young child with this playing on a monocassette recorder listen to Advertisement (Another Intentional Irrelevant Suicide) trying to scare people around the lanes of Formby. Good times. Great album. Legendary artists. Roy is a poet and the sound of two acoustic guitars as heard at his gigs in the early nineties was mesmerising.

  7. I used to watch Roy Harper at Sheffield Uni back in 80s, Brings back memories, laid out with mate. Out of it. He is an incredible Singer/guitarist. Just as well ‘av still got some albums. Cheers for listen.

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