Bob Dylan Youtube – Mr Tamborine Man

A week or so back I was standing in sa book shop in Byron Bay and this song came on and I was dumb-struck for a few minutes, I couldn’t leave until it was over.  Bob Dylan with his signature harp sound and 12 fret to the body parlor guitar.  I am not sure if it has the same affect on people that never grew up with this song.  It’s beauitiful in itsrawness, what I like is the story telling lyric which pulls you in.   It’s another few chord wonder.


For another great old video check out Led Zeppelin Acoustic



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9 responses to “Bob Dylan Youtube – Mr Tamborine Man

  1. Liz aka Busy Lizzy

    Thanks for the memories (before his voice went kaput from the drugs and alcohol)

  2. Ah, Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival (I believe that video’s from an afternoon workshop on the same day when, for the evening show, he came out with an electric guitar and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and got heavily booed as he changed popular music forever)…

  3. I remember folk music. I gotta show this vid to my daughter when she wakes up. She has a harmonica; it’ll interest her to see it being used hand in hand with a guitar.

  4. Great song, one of Dylan’s best

    Hey Yogaforcynics, I posted the video of that performance you mention. Check it out here:

  5. Like most of us that experienced the 60’s first hand, I love Bob Dylan. He has truly played an significant role in my musicial preferences. Great post, thank you!

  6. I love Bob Dylan
    Blood on The Tracks is awesome
    He is a treasure

  7. jan sterling

    have a 4 hr concert i taped off pbs when bob dylan was young – also taped last week off vh1 2 hours of woodstock – the 1960’s were magical – and the music reflected the spirit of the country then – funny how no one seems to protest the current war – seems as if 4 are killed every day – i also have a concert by pete seger – who turned 90 this month – last song is if you love freedom bring the boys home

  8. MerAnne

    Thanks for this – it made my day. What innocence in his demeanor and poetry.

  9. i love bob dylan, he is one of the best singer songwriter “:`

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