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How To Improvise on Guitar – Part 4

This is a short tutorial which is easier than it may look to some players who can’t read music dots. The Guitar TAB will get you through it.

How to Improvise on Guitar

How to Improvise on Guitar

Ok, What is it all about.   Sure, the chords have funny names, bu really they are just A Minor with one changed note, a D7 with a couple of extra notex to give it colourand a G minor with a a cople of added notes.  The A minor with the flat 5 and the D7 altered chords are what is used to comfortabely move to the G Minor, you’ll see them in a lot of Jazz Standards.  They are nicer to use than a straight A minor to D7.

The lines I’ve written are pretty simple, but when you get them sorted, rip them apart and turn them inside so your ear hears the sound of what the notes are spelling out.

To download the printable PDF file click am7b5_d7b9


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Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Guitar Lesson

You’ll love this.  Tommy Emmanuel a giving an Acoustic Blues Guitar lesson in the key of E,  it’s called Stevie’s Blues, as in Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Please note: Since I first posted this article, unfortunately it has been removed because the original resource was breaching copyright. I was not aware of this when I posted, apologies t the publisher. I have decided to post an electric version of the tune.

The chord which he says he’s not overly sure of the name, I’d call a  C13, however the Root not is not included, it’s implied.  You might also call it an Em11b5 (flat 5) chord.  Regardless of what you’d like to call it, it works, the notes are E, B Flat, D, A, all of which come out of a an E Blues scale.

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Paul McCartney Michelle

Paul McCartney playing Michelle,  do I need to say anything else.

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TAB or Music Notation

I”m trying to find out what format Guitar Players prefer guitar music written in today.  Guitar TAB seems to be the standard these days.  I find it very useful for Acoustic Guitar Open Tuning.  What do you prefer?

Please Select, then click the Vote Button…

Thanks – Tony Hogan

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Jimmy Page and Roy Harper Youtube

Now this IS interesting.  Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Roy Harper playing Acoustic Guitars out in the country doing Hangman, the tune that Led Zeppelin did and scared the living daylights out of everyone. It’s from around 1984 and they are playing Ovation Adamas guitars. This is of great historical value (already). Roy Harper is a great British musician who inspired Jimmy Page. Remember the Zeppelin tune Hats of to Roy Harper?


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How to Improvise on Guitar – Part 3 of 6

More Very Cool Guitar Improvisation Tutorials to Help you navigate through some chord changes.


Amaj to Dmaj7 Improvisation for Guitar

Amaj to Dmaj7 Improvisation for Guitar

Here’s Part 3 of How to Improvise on guitar. The TAB and Guitar Music Notation above  relates to soloing over two simple chords an A Major 7 to a D Major 7 chord.  

  • These chords are common and they fall into the key of A.  
  • The key of A has 3 sharp notes (one note higher) .  
  • The sharp notes are F# G# and C #. 
  • The A major 7 chord consists of A C# E and G#
  • The D major 7 chord consists of D F# A and C#

The simple improvisation which I have done is totally within the key of A, it has a certain jazziness about it but I I’ll tell you what, if you nail this stuff and have it in your musical toolbox,  it could open your playing up a little instead of just playing Pentatonic (5 note) scales or Blues scales.  If you want a blues scale to play over this , use F# Blues, it’ll sit beautifully over it.  

To download the printable version click on the link  Guitar Improvisation Amaj7_to_Dmaj7

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Everlast Youtube – What it’s Like

I first heard this tune by Everlast called What it’s like, a few years back when a guitar stdent I had said he wanted to learn it.  It’s very simple and that in itself is a great lesson in music. The lesson being is that many players over complicate music, why complicate something just to be clever.  I like this tune, it’s a handful of chords, the guitar part is seventy-ish but the vocal line and rhythm is sot of 90’s.   It’s a Dm chord at the beginning, do a bit of ear training and work out the rest. Note the slide up when he plays the middle bit.


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