Cold Play Acoustic Youtube – Chris Martin Solo

It’s always very healthy to hear some of the more famous musicians and band members without a band, just a guitar and voice.  It helps the guitar player who is just starting out to put things into perspective and to take away the mystery and hype which builds up due to marketing, production and technology.  Then, when you hear them without the rest of the stuff going on in the music industry, it’s possible to make greater sense of their playing and where you are at as a player.

So here is Chris Martin from Cold Play on youtube video just with an acoustic guitar and voice and minimal sound production.  I love this guys voice and is awsome falsetto. The tune is called Trouble. First time I heard Coldplay some years back, I thought, Oh what have we got here.

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3 responses to “Cold Play Acoustic Youtube – Chris Martin Solo

  1. Good sharing man!
    I agree what you said. He has a very special voice and good song had been composed by him. 😀

  2. Hi Tony
    I got tagged for a meme thing which you can read about here
    I am tagging you now 🙂 – feel free to participate or not !

  3. Nice, it’s great to see some of Coldplay’s earlier stuff – Parachutes is an awesome album, and the strength of the songs really come across in this sort of performance. More please!

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