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Acoustic Guitar Chords for Duets


Guitar Duet Chords Tab and Notation
Guitar Duet Chords Tab and Notation

Often as an acoustic guitar player you will find yourself in a situation where there is more than one guitar player playing chords.  For me there is nothing more annoying than hearing two or three guitar players playing the same chords at the same time, a little out of sync with each other.  It’s easy to trip over each other if you are not really sharp about your playing.  So what I have decided to do is post a few articles with some common chords  and some alternatives  further up the fretboard for a second player to play.  I’ve started with a number of common major chords.  You will also find these articles useful for if you are doing multi track recording.  Over the years I have played with many other guitar players and have developed very good skills at playing complimentary guitar parts.

To download the printable version click Guitar Chord Duets

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5 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar Chords for Duets

  1. Thanks Minh. If you care to look through my blogs you’ll find many of these types of charts. I have another world class blog site as well


  2. Multiple guitarists playing the same chords, in the same position, badly. Annoying, indeed. I look forward to your future articles. In my series of DVD guitar lessons I teach my students that music does not necessarily have to be complex to be memorable or inpirational, and that a basic knowledge of music theory can go a long way in helping you to think on your instrument and be able to compliment, not mimic, another player’s part.

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