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Peter Mulvey Youtube Acoustic Guitar

I found this guy Peter Mulvey by accident and I thought it would be nice to share his playing with you.  It’s very thoughtful acoustic guitar and this tune also has some nice harmonics and tapping, so as a fellow guitar player I  totally appreciate what he does . Peter is also a singer songwriter, his site is at PeterMulvey Dot Com

Here is his acoustic fingerstyle video Youtube called Black Rabbit



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2 thoughts on “Peter Mulvey Youtube Acoustic Guitar

  1. Thank God for accidents like this one that you just happened to bump into Sir! Thanx for sharing this with us.

    One hell of a nice site! I WILL BE BACK!!!

  2. I actually saw Peter playing a gig a few years back in my local music venue in Ireland, I even have one of his albums, he is a wonderful player, thanks for posting this, think I’ll put the album on now. Nice site by the way, I’ll be back, your on my blogroll.

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