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J D Souther Youtube

If you ever owned John David Souther’s Black Rose album you’ll understand why I have posted this old youtube video.  The Black Rose album came out in about 1976 and personally I think it is possibly one of the  best albums in that style to be released in that period.  It had songs like Faithless Love, Silver Blue and a classic called Banging My Head Against the Moon.   At some point John David became known as JD, I guess it’s easier to abbreviate it.  🙂   John David Souther also co wrote Her Town Too with James Taylor and he was a member of the incredibly brilliant band called Souther Hillman Furay Band.  Richie Furay is from the band Poco and Chris Hillman was a member of the Byrds with Crosby, McGuinn and  Gene and Michael Clark.  And if you want to hear Gene Clark at his best, look out for him singing Silver Raven.  

Also singing with John David Souther is Matraca Berg

Also of note is the Danny Ferrington custom guitar with the headstock in the shape of Texas.

In his field, this guy is a superstar. And for me his voice is perfect and his approach to vocal harmony is second to none.



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