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John Martyn Dead – Sad News

I sadly have just heard the news that the great John Martyn has passed on.

The Rolling Stone Article  John Martyn Dead 

I’m sure may guitars across the world are grateful for his beautiful music.

Here is a simple audio youtube of his beautiful song Head and Heart

Bless the Weather Post

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Cold Play Acoustic Youtube – Chris Martin Solo

It’s always very healthy to hear some of the more famous musicians and band members without a band, just a guitar and voice.  It helps the guitar player who is just starting out to put things into perspective and to take away the mystery and hype which builds up due to marketing, production and technology.  Then, when you hear them without the rest of the stuff going on in the music industry, it’s possible to make greater sense of their playing and where you are at as a player.

So here is Chris Martin from Cold Play on youtube video just with an acoustic guitar and voice and minimal sound production.  I love this guys voice and is awsome falsetto. The tune is called Trouble. First time I heard Coldplay some years back, I thought, Oh what have we got here.

Tony Hogan – Worlds Best Guitar Blogs

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Acoustic Guitar Chords for Duets


Guitar Duet Chords Tab and Notation
Guitar Duet Chords Tab and Notation

Often as an acoustic guitar player you will find yourself in a situation where there is more than one guitar player playing chords.  For me there is nothing more annoying than hearing two or three guitar players playing the same chords at the same time, a little out of sync with each other.  It’s easy to trip over each other if you are not really sharp about your playing.  So what I have decided to do is post a few articles with some common chords  and some alternatives  further up the fretboard for a second player to play.  I’ve started with a number of common major chords.  You will also find these articles useful for if you are doing multi track recording.  Over the years I have played with many other guitar players and have developed very good skills at playing complimentary guitar parts.

To download the printable version click Guitar Chord Duets

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Paco De Lucia Youtube Flamenco

Here’s a very interesting video of the great flamenco guitar player Paco de Lucia.  The tune is called Solea.  As many would realise, Paco is a very adventurous guitar playr that has explored other areas of music apart from flamenco guitar, he toured extensively with the great jazz rock guitar players John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola.  I was fortunate enough to see the three of those incredible legends live in concert, also on the samne night Steve Morse joined them on stage for a number of tunes.

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Peter Mulvey Youtube Acoustic Guitar

I found this guy Peter Mulvey by accident and I thought it would be nice to share his playing with you.  It’s very thoughtful acoustic guitar and this tune also has some nice harmonics and tapping, so as a fellow guitar player I  totally appreciate what he does . Peter is also a singer songwriter, his site is at PeterMulvey Dot Com

Here is his acoustic fingerstyle video Youtube called Black Rabbit

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Asa Youtube – Fire on the Mountain

Here’s a very interesting tune by the Nigerian singer that is now making a name for herself in Europe.   Asa was born in France of Nigerian heritage, she returned to Nigeria at two but later returned to France.  Her music is a mix of Reggae, R & B, pop and African.  What separates her out from many of the other singers is her usage of a nylon string for rhythm playing.  Her self titled album is excellent.  This song, Fire on the Mountain is quite a sttement.  I aknowledge to speak up about issues that are important to her and others.

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Salif Keita Youtube Mali

This youtube acoustic guitar video is of the great musician Salif Keita from Mali in Africa.  Salif is an albino desecendant of a a great leader of a warrior tribe.  He moved from Mali to other parts of Africa and mixed his music with elements from the Ivory Coast and Senegal.  He became successful after moving to France and had a sensational album called Soro in the 1980’s. His music is generally very percussive and is a mix of electronic as well as traditional. To hear him in this context is quite unique because watching it, you can analyse his style a little better than in the broader context of a band.

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Mississipi John Hurt Youtube – Blues

Mississipi John Hurt is a Blues and Country Blues Legend.   The youtube guitar video tune is called You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley.   Notice his alternating bass notes

If you want some very cool country blues guitar scales that work beautiful to improvise over those sort of tunes, see my article  that includes the Guitar TAB and Musical Notation at the following link Country Blues Guitar Scales

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Ralph Towner Youtube – Icarus

Ralph Towner the guitarist from the band Oregon, the brilliant improvisational quartet, holds a place in the Earths history and the expeditions to the moon.  When the Apollo astronauts travelled to the moon they had a cassette of Ralph Towners music.  They ended up naming two of the Moons craters after his tunes Icarus and Ghost Beads.  Ralph Towner came to the fore in the mid 70’s on the ECM jazz label.  What seperated Ralph Towner out from other players was he played predominatly nylon string guitar and twelve string acoustic.  

The following youtube is a verson of his tune Icarus that he plays with two other guitarists, Slava Grigoryan and Wolfgang Muthspiel. That’s Ralph in the middle.


If you want to hear Ralph at his most beautiful best on a classical guitar, have a listen to The Reluctant Bride

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J D Souther Youtube

If you ever owned John David Souther’s Black Rose album you’ll understand why I have posted this old youtube video.  The Black Rose album came out in about 1976 and personally I think it is possibly one of the  best albums in that style to be released in that period.  It had songs like Faithless Love, Silver Blue and a classic called Banging My Head Against the Moon.   At some point John David became known as JD, I guess it’s easier to abbreviate it.  🙂   John David Souther also co wrote Her Town Too with James Taylor and he was a member of the incredibly brilliant band called Souther Hillman Furay Band.  Richie Furay is from the band Poco and Chris Hillman was a member of the Byrds with Crosby, McGuinn and  Gene and Michael Clark.  And if you want to hear Gene Clark at his best, look out for him singing Silver Raven.  

Also singing with John David Souther is Matraca Berg

Also of note is the Danny Ferrington custom guitar with the headstock in the shape of Texas.

In his field, this guy is a superstar. And for me his voice is perfect and his approach to vocal harmony is second to none.