Antoine Dufour Youtube – Acoustic Guitar

Here’s another great youtube by Canadian guitar player Antoine Dufour.  He has one of the smoothest left hand fretting techniques I’ve seen in a long time.   Great harmonics and artificial harmonics, as well as a sensible taping technique, he keeps it musical.

To hear another Antoine Dufour Youtube click here Antoine Dufour


Tony Hogan Acoustic Guitar Site



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9 responses to “Antoine Dufour Youtube – Acoustic Guitar

  1. Jon

    I recently reviewed Antoine’s outstanding new album Existence on my site if you are interested:

    He is an incredible talent.

  2. noel

    ‘Catch the light’ has been going around my head for days. wonderful piece of music. I presume he is using an open tuning or something different from the norm. do you know if he is?

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