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Stefan Grossman Youtube Guitar Video

Here’s a great tune by Stefan Grossman’called Bermuda Triangle Exit recorded in 1977, it’s one I learnt about 30 years and still play to this day.  It’s written in the style of Jerry Reed the great guitar player who died earlier this year.  The first section of the tune has a descending bass part that descends one note at a time.  It starts on an E minor, then steps down to the Major 7th  in the bass, then the 7th, and 6th,  similar  to many other tunes like What are You Doing the Rest of Your Life, Masquerade etc.  It is a fantastic tune to play and I often use it to warm up on, and if you sing a couple of tunes in the same key Em, it’s a good one to use as the middle tune in a medley.  You’ll notice he’s capoed up at fret two, this will put the tune into F Sharp minor.  The original arrangement that I had in the seventies was published in a Guitar Player Magazine.



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9 thoughts on “Stefan Grossman Youtube Guitar Video

  1. How would I find your original arrangement that you said was published in Guitar Player magazine? Is it available online?

    Do you mind e-mailing me with the answer?

    This is a great solo, by the way. I love the descending notes and the melody in minor scale.

    1. Ava

      I’ll try and find my arrangement and let you know. I will also have a look around and see if there is a legal version somewhere that can be downloaded.


    1. Yes it is one guitar. But really it’s not too difficult to play as a fingerstyle guitarist, there’s a couple of ‘hairy’ bits up the neck on the A/C# chord but it’s a playable tune… he says after playing for 30 years or so 🙂

    1. Thanks TT

      Shame you’re over there, I do a version of that tune. My son reckons mine is better, but Stefan has a great tone and his version is 30 years old


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