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Worlds Best Spiritual Music Singer Songwriter

Steven Walters  - So Many Blessings  

Steven Walters - So Many Blessings

The Worlds Best Spiritual Music, yeah that’s a big call.

I’m writing this article not as an advertisement, this blog site doesn’t advertise.   A few years back a friend sent me two CD’s by a man called Steven Walters.  Quite frankly I will unashamedly say he is the Worlds Best at what he does.  He is a singer songwriter who plays a Gurian Guitar ( I’ve got one two) , his music is from the same sort of stream as James Taylor etc , great simple guitar and a beautiful voice, it’s very gentle style and the lyrics are Eastern in thought.  But don’t let that get in your way, this guy is sensible, non-preachy and if you let his music wash over you when you listen to it, it can be very uplifting.

One album is called So Many Blessings, in a way very soothing and could be used by people as healing music, for listening when you want the world to feel a bit sweeter or are suffering in some way.  If you click the link you can check out his samples  recommend you listen to the song called Nothing Less than Everything 

His other album is a live one and is called Just This Moment.  It’s live in Santa Fe, and he gets pretty funny at times, I particularly like Jungs Blues.  

I hope Steven does mind me rating his music so highly on the Web, his music is not ego based.  I don’t even know the guy apart from once emailing him to let him know how good his music is.

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