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Al Di Meola Paco De Lucia John McLaughlin Youtube

This version of Mediteranean Sundance played by Al Di Meola Paco De Lucia John McLaughlin is fantastic.  I saw them play it live over 20 years ago and it’s interesting to see how the tune has developed over that period of time. To see three virtuosos playing together and there being enough musical glue for each of them to retain their individuality but find a meeting point is a wonder in itself.   The only thing better than two guitars is three….in the right hands.



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6 thoughts on “Al Di Meola Paco De Lucia John McLaughlin Youtube

  1. These guys are amazing players…no doubt about that. But that black Ovation is the worst sounding live acoustic guitar I have ever heard. You would also think they they would have tuned up before coming out!

  2. Guitarguy

    Back in 1976 or so the Ovations were about the best for live. We’ve come such a long way with acoustics and I get what you’re saying.

    Tuning, yeah funny. Although those guys wear out a set of strings every 16 bars.


  3. Every time I listen to their “Friday Night in SF” album it makes me want to go practice more. I’m always amazed at Paco’s raw speed. And of Al Di Meola might be one of the cleanest guitar players in the world. If only I could play that well on claassical…

    Good stuff, thanks for sharing!

    1. I never got into the music of Al DiMeola. Weird stuff. Fast sixtuplet three notes per strings patterns are fairly easy to master. For me Paco smokes both McLaughlin and DiMeola musicaly and technically.

      1. Paul. Yes, I understand your perspective. I find Paco to be outrageously musical, I think Di Meola and McLaughlins strengths are in other areas, but each has contributed to the direction of acoustic guitar

        Thanks for your comments

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