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Mixolydian Mode for Guitar in G

Are you confused by weird Greek Names for Guitar Scales?

Don’t worry all they are is weird Greek names for scales and there’s really nothing to it.  

The mixolydian mode or scale has the same notes a a standard major scale but all you do is start the scale on a different note.  

The example I have used is a G Mixolydian scale, this has the same notes as a C scale.

The notes are C D E F G A B C,  but we run them G A B C D E F G.

This scale is used over a G7 chord, or it’s relatives such as G9, G13, G6, G11, Gsus4 and similar variants when they fall into the key of C or if they appear in a song that uses G7 and another chord from the key of C preceeding or following it.

Download PRINTABLE VERSION of mixolydian Scale fo Guitar in G



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