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Seals and Crofts Youtube

The Early Seventies was a great period for acoustic music, both commercially and in smaller environments such as small concert halls, cafes and bars.  Seals and Crofts were one of my favourite duos, along with Batdorf and Rodney; they had some beautiful albums full of jangly guitars jand vocl harmonies, I particularly like the Unborn Child album,  Diamond Girl album, and also I’ll Play for You with the very brilliant song Freaks Fret.   I must also mention that they had a very good guitar player and producer working with them over the years called Louie Shelton.  Louie Shelton Website 

This youtube video of Seals and Crofts doing Summer Breeze



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2 thoughts on “Seals and Crofts Youtube

  1. Wow, I wonder if that’s the original clip (and only time) I saw Seals & Crofts on the TV back in the 70s. I went out the next day and purchased the Summer Breeze album. I really liked the song about the Euphrates river, Go East of Ginger Trees, and a beautiful tune in Am about a funny little man working hard all day.
    I also had Diamond Girl … fave track was Fiddle in the Sky.
    Ahh, the 70s, those were the days when music was forged in the vortex of time.

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