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Bruce Cockburn and Rick Emmett Youtube

Bruce Cockburn and Rick Emmett are both Canadian guitar players, this youtube video is from 1981.  You may be aware of Rick from his work with the band Triumph and his exposure through Gguitar Player magazine.  Bruce Cockburn has been an acoustic guitar favourite of mine since the mid seventies, you may know him from his hit song Wondering Where the Lions Are and many years later, When a Tree Falls.  Cockburn is one of the most respected acoustic guitar singer songwriters in the world, his technique is superb and at times a little unusual, his picking hand is very developed and he often calls on jazz chords instead of the standard country style of chords, it’s an interesting mix when you put all the pieces together.  

This video is 27 years old, so you can image the development that has happened during that period.  Rick plays a resonator guitar and Bruce a cutaway.  In 1981 one there were not a lot of cutaways around.  When I saw a Gurian cutaway in a music shop early the same year I just had to buy it on the spot because of the rarity and the ability gto get up the neck.  These days they are everywhere but not always so.  Many players take things for granted and do not realise the incredible development that has happened of the last thirty years in luthiery and amplification of acoustic instruments.



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4 thoughts on “Bruce Cockburn and Rick Emmett Youtube

  1. Bruce is absolutely rock solid in this while the other guy seems to be having problems keeping up. No offense to him. Still, v.rare bit of footage. This is what youtube is all about. Nice one!

  2. I’ve had another good look at this, I think the issue is about the way that Cockburn plays his rhythm, it is very different and his phrasing although very sweet and perfect within itself is a little odd, not an easy one for people to get their head around, it is very busy and doesn’t require another rhythmic part, his right hand technique is highly unusual; this makes the other guy Rick Emmett seem a fraction out because he is a bit straighter in his style. Keep in mind it’s 1981.

  3. Christine,

    It does and doesn’t seem that long ago, but I can remember seeing BB King, Clapton, Muddy Waters in the early seventies, that is starting to seem a long time ago


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