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Acoustic Hall and Oates Youtube

Most people would know Darryl Hall and John Oates as a pop band / duet and may not be aware of their acoustic roots.  Amongst musicians Hall and Oates were held i high regard as an acoustic duo before their big successes on the commercial pop scene.  If you can get a hold of Abandoned Luncheonette album which includes songs such as I’m Just a Kid Don’t Make Me Feel Like a Man, Las Vegas Turnaround, you’ll understand what I am talking about, these guys could have easily gone on and held their own as acoustic musicians and had the same profile as other great acoustic players.  Prior to the Luncheonette album they also had another album that was predominantly acoustic, called Whole Oates, it had a number of very good acoustic tunes.  Don’t underestimate these guys and pass them off as part of the commercial machine which swallows up so many musicians, they are much more than that. 

This is an Acoustic youtube Video of Sara Smile, it’s from the early nineties. It features Hall with his very soulful voice, Oates with his harmonies and guitar fills and a couple of other players to fatten up the acoustic rhythm part. Live recording.



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