Acoustic Guitarist goes Electric Guitarist

As of yesterday this Acoustic Guitarist Blog Website has had 50,000 visitors in the last 12 months.  Due to the success of both this site and my other site The Acoustic Guitar and my experience as an electric player, I decided to start an electric guitarist site that specialises in electric guitar players.  To chek out some great electric guitarists go to Electric Guitarist 


Ibanez Artcore 105N

Ibanez Artcore 105N



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5 responses to “Acoustic Guitarist goes Electric Guitarist

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the club 😉

  2. acousticguitarist


    Although I’ve played electric for 38 years I thought it best to start in one specific area with my sites. I haven’t scratched the surface yet.

  3. Mike G

    That’s a beautiful Ibanez. I love those Artcores, need to get one if I ever get good enough to justify it.

  4. Exciting to think of the faceless masses who’ve checked out your words.And in one year yet!! Yikes. Congratulations.

  5. acousticguitarist


    Hey thanks, and I just checked out your blog, fantastic


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