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Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar Making Youtube

When I saw this short youtube of a Weissenborn lap steel guitar being made by Ellis guitars, I just had to post a short article about it.  These days you’ll notice that Ben Harper has resurrected them and many of the the roots and blues players have now followed suit and are playing slide guitar, not a lot with weissenborn style, but plenty with resonator guitars.  The music accompanying this beautiful instrument which to me looks like it is made from fiddleback blackwood is played by Andrew Winton.

To check out more info about Ellis Guitars based on the West Coast of that beautiful little island called Australia go to Ellis Guitars



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One thought on “Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar Making Youtube

  1. I found this blog while doing an internet search for information on Weissenborn koa guitars. A friend of mine runs an auction house in Salem, Oregon and he alerted me to a Weissenborn in the collection that will be auctioned this Saturday. It looks like it might have some intrinsic and investment value, but I do not know how high to go. I think you can see it at this link:

    If that does not work, I get to it from

    Any thoughts on this?


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