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Jerry Reed Youtube Jammin’Beyond

NEWS FLASH – Jerry Reed Dies

Jerry Reed, the great country guitar legend has gone to the great jam in the sky.  As a tribute to the brilliant guitar player I’ve posted about this guitar youtube.

To read more information, here is a news article:

Thanks Jerry, this world has just lost a genius.



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4 thoughts on “Jerry Reed Youtube Jammin’Beyond

  1. Superb picker and a fun player and singer to watch. Always seemed like he was having a good time. I’ve been stumbling and talking about his videos on stumble upon in tribute. I loved his version of Georgia on my mind where Chet Atkins is just sort of appreciating him from the sidelines. I think they really enjoyed playing together.

    Chet: I think your G-String is flat.
    Jerry: I don’t wear a G-String.

  2. I put together ” A Memorial Tribute to Jerry Read …” which has pictures and Jerry’s semi-bio song “Guitar Man” on the video bit. It is at this Internet website:

    And to Jerry – You, your special brand of humor, creative musical genius, one-of-a-kind guitar pickin’ talent, and bigger-than-life fun personality will be missed by all your fans … Rest-in-Peace, “Guitar Man”.

  3. Sure, I play a lot of his tunes…on the computer. As it turns out, playing them on a guitar is very difficult. I’ve tried but, you know, they sound better on the computer, anyway.

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