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John Renbourn Youtube Acoustic Guitar

John Renbourn the British guitarist has been at the forefront of acoustic fingerstyle guitar for many years now, he is a former member of the band Pentangle, and recored some extraordinary music with American Guitar Player / Historian Stefan Grossman.

This youtube has him doing Sandwood down to Kyle, it’s in DADGAD tuning, the tuning that Davey Graham made famous and Pierre Bensusan has mastered. 

To see Grossman an Renbourn performing he jazz standard Round Midnight click the link
Grossman and Renbourn Youtube



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4 thoughts on “John Renbourn Youtube Acoustic Guitar

  1. Tony,

    Thank for putting this up. Very impressive. And I thought I could play guitar. Looks like you have been teaching for quite a while. I would like to have your services.

    Real quick, I am launching a BETA social networking website in Sep 08,, for musicians to meet, audition each other, make music, and build bands. I am encouraging all instructors to come on and build a profile to offer your services to my members. You may get a lot of business from your profile. Anyway, please keep the site in mind in Sep.

  2. This is simply beautiful, I have spent most of today listening to Stefan, and then two albums with both Stefan and John. Your blog is full of suprises.


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