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Sting Youtube Fragile Acoustic Guitar

A great guitar teacher of mine said to me about 35 years ago that every guitar player at some point falls in love with the nylon string guitar.  Although I like to hear straight classical well played, I really like to listen to players playing nlon string in another musical style.  The nylon string always sounds so full.  You may have heard this video youtube of Sting playing Fragile, maybe not but the interaction of the two guitars together is worth a close listen, I saw it some years ago on tele and to this day it still rings in my mind.   The other guitar player is Dominic Miller.   Do yourself a favour, try and play the guitar part and sing against it.

PLEASE NOTE:  The original video has been removed.  It was really quite brilliant but due to a copyright issue, the embedding feature has been turned off at youtube.

There was No intentional breach by the site, it is strictly a youtube issue. It is very unfortunate because the educational value of seeing a live performance cannot be over estimated.  Also the marketing value as well, I have no doubt that this version of the song would encourage listeners and guitar players alike to  appreciate the musicianship that was displayed.  If it ever becomes available again I will post it immediately.

There is a standard version of the song at the follwing url Sting Fragile.  This version lacks the beauty of the other one.



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4 thoughts on “Sting Youtube Fragile Acoustic Guitar

  1. does anybody know the brand and model of the nylon string guitar sting uses in the live version of “fragile” (in the “all this time” DVD)? It’s a black one.

  2. If it’s same one he used on The Brand New Day Tour DVD then I think it’s a black Gibson Chet Atkins CEC (I have a much cheaper Epihone equivalent as I’d alwasy wnted once since I saw Sting play on in 1986 on tour IIRC) . Hope this helps.

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