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Worlds Best Guitar Player – by Tony Hogan

Who is the worlds best guitar player? 

Somebody asked in one of my surveys the other day whether I was the worlds best guitar player.  It always makes me laugh because the idea of anyone being the best guitar player in the world really depends on who is deciding.  Ánd as I’ve stated before in other articles, it’s not about how brilliant you are it’s about waht you get out of it. There are always going to be players arguing about McLaughlin, Brij Bhushan Kabra, Pat Martino, John Williams and the greats that have moved on like Hendrix or Segovia but how do you compare players of different styles, what criteria do you use for judging,… and in the end music is about feelings isn’t it, not about being flashy so that handful of players will say you are fantastic and everyone else says ‘That doesn’t even sound like music.

I wrote a great article about this very topic last year.



Worlds Best Acoustic Guitar Blogger

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