Keb Mo Youtube Blues Guitar

Keb Mo has become very popular amongst a lot of blues, folk and acoustic roots enthusiasts.  What I like about Keb Mo is he can comfortably play across styles, I’ve also heard him do electric playing that remindered me of Benson at times. This youtube video has him playing the standard Folsom Prison on a resonator guitar with a little slide here and there.  It’s worth listening to him to hear his voice and the texture of his guitar.   Thie first video is more of a production video, the second one has him playing solo acoustic guitar and has him doing a solo spot with acoustic and voice.  If he’s new to you, you’re in for a treat.

Folsom Prison Blues

Dangerous Mood

And to see and hear hear Lightning Hopkins go to the following link:



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7 responses to “Keb Mo Youtube Blues Guitar

  1. Never heard Folsom Prison with a slide before. I like!

  2. I loved the slide. Great stuff!

  3. acousticguitarist


    Have you heard his other stuff?

    Keb Mo is very versatile


  4. acousticguitarist


    That’s the beauty of music, we can take any song and make it our own


  5. Big Keb fan here !! – I love his ‘America the beautiful’ version. Well …..I love everything really……… Damn I missed the Folsom clip – it’s been removed.

    • acousticguitarist

      Aaron, Yes I like Keb a lot as well. What I like apart from his natural musicality his his ability to swap styles so effortlessly.

      Thanks for the heads up on the unavailability of the uTube. It’s unfortunate that it has happened. The original post was a breach of copyright, this was no fault of mine as you would probably realise and I do whatever I can to stay within the boundaries of Copyright and respect the work of others. For some strange reason, some people can’t get their heads around the idea that ‘what is someone else’s is not theirs’. I recently had two copyright issues relating to my content, one was sorted very politely and the other I needed to send the appropriate legal documentation. I will continue to try to maintain a high standard of great guitar stuff here. I think the diversity of players makes it interesting and it creates an opportunity to expose players that I am familiar with to a broader audience to help inspire other guitarists be better guitarists


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