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Jeff Traugott Guitar Maker

Jeff Traugott Handmade Guitars
Jeff Traugott Handmade Guitars

A few days back I wrote a short article mentioning a great guitar maker called Jim Olson.  In that article I said I thought it was a good idea to introduce a lot of players that ae only used to mainstream guitars (of all qualities) to some other guitar makers.  Some years ago, Acoustic Guitar Magazine did a article about guitar makers, in the article it mentioned the luthier from Santa Cruz, Jeff Traugott.  Arpart from the overall beauty of the  guitars, I really liked the shape of the headstocks, OK that sounds silly but a good simple headstock is nice to have at the top end of a gorgeous instrument.  Here is a link into the Jeff Traugott Guitar site.  His instruments speak for themselves.

A good instrument will make you want to play more because you don’t need to try and squeeze sound out of it, it will just automatically sing naturally for you.

I’ll continue to bring attention to some of the brilliant guitar makers throughout the world because they are the ones that help musicians to raise the standard of their playing.  Sooner or later, most guitar players get themselves a beautiful instrument, and why not.

Note:  This is not advertisement, this is about awareness of things that you may not  know exist.

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