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Jerry Douglas Youtube Slide Guitar

Jerry Douglas for many years now has been regarded as one of the top players in his field, resonator slide guitar.  It’s about 30 years since I first heard him and to watch play in numerous diverse line ups has only proved how brilliant he really is, from the straight Country, to New Blugrass with Edgar Meyer and Russ Barenburg,  I even saw a video of him playing with New York Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell.  You only need to hear one or two notes and you’ll know it’s him.  So today I thought it would be good to do a short post about Jerry Douglas youtube video  and expose his talents to people that may not normally listen to his style, which in truth is quite broad.   It’s a medley of tunes, the second one was recorded on an album Skip Hop Wobble. Resonator Guitar at it’s best!



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5 thoughts on “Jerry Douglas Youtube Slide Guitar

  1. This has to do with my capo entry, you can delete this comment and comment back on my post:

    How do you turn it upside down with the curved piece on the bottom? And yes, I’ve noticed that the bottom E goes out of tune slightly, especially the the farther you move it way from the fretwire. And I don’t really see where you would need one full time, except for maybe a twelve string, but I’m not disagreeing with you on the fact that they can be useful. And it turns out that mine doesn’t have the rupper stopper on the screw adjustment, thats probably where my thin necked problem comes. Maybe I’ll do (or let you do) a twelve-string model review in a few weeks.


  2. Wow… this really is slide resonator at its best. I’m not too handy at the slide guitar, the multiple strings mess me up… Maybe you could do a lesson for a post on slide guitar technique? It’s something everybody could use to be better at.

  3. Alex

    Jerry Douglas is an absolute genious. I was just listening to him on Skip Hop Wobble with Barenburg and Meyers. Brilliant.

    I am not the best person to teach slide, I have played it in a band but it’s really not my area of expertise to be honest with you


  4. Alex

    sorry about the slow response. It slipped past because I had already let your other post through.

    All I can say is that on the 5 guitars I currently use it fits perfectly. Maybe my capo is flatter one than yours, however, none of my guitars has an overly thin neck. I’ve noticed there is a sweet spot on every guitar where the capo sits best for intonation. I have a reasonably low action on all my guitars but in theory the more you move the capo away from the fret wire, the less tension there would be. But traditionlly in classical guitar style it best to play close to fret (just behind it) for good intonation.

    I’ve only ever seen the Schubbs with a rubber stopper but they don’t stay on there very long


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