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Davey Graham Youtube Acoustic Guitar

Many guitar players around the world that have played acoustic guitar for years and have been avid watchers and listeners of its development, would know the impact of Davey Graham the British guitar player.  For many players he was their inspiration in sending them off in another direction.  Have a listen to this old recording on youtube video of Davey Graham and you might very well hear a similarity in what Jimmy Page did on the Led Zeppelin 111 album.   Davey Graham had an impact on other great players of the time such as Nick Drake, John Martyn, John Renbourn, Richard Thompson, all his contemporaries, but the Davey Graham flavour is definitely there, also there’s more cigarette smoke in there than I’ve seen in about 30 years or so.  I could almost post this amongst crazy hippy sixties stuff, but the guitar playing is of too much value.

This video is part of a film from the late sixties, complete with gypsy hippy dancer floating backwards and forward in front of Davey in a cafe. Most of us that play open tuned guitar recognise Davey Graham for his contribution to DADGAD guitar.

Also check out Jimmy Page from Led zeppelin playing acoustic guitar on Bron-yr-aur Stomp, it could be of great interest when you hear the rhythm part



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3 thoughts on “Davey Graham Youtube Acoustic Guitar

  1. I am a Swedish singer and guitar player.Knew Davy,Ramblin`Jack ,Van Ronk etc.Accordding to the Swedish Wikpipedia entry my new CD “Blues and Joys” shows quite a few licks that Ilearned from Davey.Hope this mail will reach youas I´m not that good at computers.Mail me please.

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