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Phil Keaggy Youtube Video – Acoustic Guitarist

This Youtube video features Phil Keaggy playing  his Olson guitar and is more adventurous than my previous post where Phil Keaggy was playing more of a slow introverted tune.  In this one the acoustic guitarist is using more contemporary techniques such as tapping, its also very percussive and full of harmonics and hammer ons andlots of arpeggios (Chords broken up) .  This is really an interesting video for players that are not overly familiar with these techniques and are looking for ways to expand their guitar players toolbox.

If you like these type of techniques and are not familiar with Andy McKee, then  I suggest you check out the Andy McKee Youtube Video at my other Guitar Blog Site

Both my sites are regularly updated with quality acoustic guitar material.



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4 thoughts on “Phil Keaggy Youtube Video – Acoustic Guitarist

  1. Matt

    No, haven’t seen him live but have seen some of his use with electronics. He’s very very good.
    His technique is a above average, a lot of control


  2. Re: “His technique is a above average, a lot of control”

    Who are you kidding? You’d have to be supremely egotistical to say just “above average.”

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