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Phil Keaggy Youtube – Acoustic Guitar

This youtube video of Phil Keaggy playing Acoustic Guitar is a very good example of a guitar player that is really thinking about texture.  Although it’s great to play spontaneously, when you take the time to consider simple things such as when to use a plectrum (pick) or when to drop it and play fingerstyle, you’ll ultimately end up with a result that suits the flavor of the tune.  Phil Keaggy is now one of the acoustic guitar players at the forefront of his craft, which equals playing beautiful guitar.  He’s a player worth exploring.

This video of Phil has him playing an Olson guitar (a notable guitar worth owning), the use of amplification is very good in this clip and doesn’t destroy the guitar’s sound, the amplification /processing adds a little depth to the recording.

He also is using a Schubb capo, my favourite because they don’t put the guitar totally out of tune if you kuse them right.  Personally I use my schubb upside down because I find it gives me better intonation.

This tune is called the Wind and the Wheat, a very sensitive tune, the type that is worthwhile learning for when you want to just sit around and play and get lost in your playing.

Quite frankly I find his playing exceptional and he’s a playing that is not going to go away.

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8 thoughts on “Phil Keaggy Youtube – Acoustic Guitar

  1. Hey there. time thief sent me over- nice site.

    I am a mandolinist, and a country doc. As far as I know, my site is the only physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog on wordpress. As you might gather it is mostly about fun, but it has it’s serious moments. Hope you’ll come visit.

    Dr. Tom Bibey

  2. Hi Dr Tom, I will visit definitely. I like David Grisman’s music very much and also Darol Anger. I own a mandolin but it needs a little repair a nd havent played for a while, but I love the sound. Also the Mandocello is a very great combo with double bass and mandolin. I used to play a lot of the bluegrass tunes. I think my all time fav is Billy in the Lowgrounds.


  3. Billy in the Lowground is a good’un. They say it is about where William the Conqueror is buried in England.

    Lobe the clips. I esp like Clarence White- he was a genuis. His brother Roland is a fine mandolin player- I’ve picked a few with him along the way.

    Dr. B

  4. We love Phil Keaggy, my son at 16 is a huge fan! Great to see this posted, not to long ago we ordered one of the early Glass Harp Videos, wow, that was so much of a throw back –

  5. Dr Tom

    I love the tune Billy in the Lowgrounds. It’s incredibly melody regardless how long the melody is. Also another goody is Big Sciota

    Cheers T

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