Don Maclean Youtube – Vincent Stary Starry Night

Acoustic Guitar song by Don Maclean

Don Maclean arrived on the commercial music scene with his simple guitar and voice in the early seventies.  His ability to paint pictures with his lyrics and tell a tale like a true baladeer is second to none.  This song is perfect in every way and any one that has bothered to learn and play the tune would have probably seen the brilliance in the simplicity of it.



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3 responses to “Don Maclean Youtube – Vincent Stary Starry Night

  1. Hello Tony 🙂

    As a musician’s daughter I appreciate musical talent when I see and/or hear it. That’s why I not only think YOUR talent is great but I am in total agreement with you on your thoughts of Don McClean and especially this awesome song!

    Take care…

  2. cecilie

    Master Piece…

  3. joe price band

    van gogh and warhol both painted thick. we could use more songs about art and artists and the famous lives of poets, such as rimbau, or even the dancer nijinsky. that was really a great song about van gogh. keep up the good work!

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