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D Blues for Guitar

D Blues for Guitar.  If you look at the simple Blues I’ve created you’ll notice I’ve only used Triads (3 note chords) . About 25 years ago, the great British jazz guitarist Ike Isaacs that I studied with recommended that I use then when playing accompaniment, when I took on his advice my chord playing suddenly opened.  The idea is, it is much easier to move 3 finger chorss around than full chords.  Also it creates a lot of space for the other players.  It is possible to get almost the same effect just 2 note chords, I’ll post an article about that at some point in the future.
The blues below has a simple intro, play at a slow tempo.  Note how at different points I move a semi-tone (one fret) lower or higher to create an effect.
If you are not used to playing this style, take your time with it, it is a very useful way of playing.
D 12 Bar Blues for Guitar
D 12 Bar Blues for Guitar
To download the printable 12 bar blues in D click the link:


I recently wrote an article on HOw Chords Are Made, go to:


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