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Kinks youTube Waterloo Sunset

The Kinks were very famous in the sixties and seventies, often people only think of the song Lola, love it or hate it.  There was a song that I heard in the late sixties that would always make me turn up the radio.  The main rhythm part is on acoustic guitar, but there are some brilliant little guitar lines going on in the background if you take the time to listen closely and some very nice harmonies and oohs filling up the music-scape.  If you missed this song because your grandparents or parents had poor taste in music, it’s worth a listen and would definitely go onto my ‘Best of The Sixties’ album if I were permitted to do a compilation.

To hear another classic song, do yourself a favour, don’t forget your kaftan

Classic song – If you’re going to San Francisco




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3 thoughts on “Kinks youTube Waterloo Sunset

  1. Great post! We always think of the 60’s and 70’s of the wild times, but in comparison to the speed of todays music these pieces, although beautiful, seem so completely tame…

  2. Kimberly, thnks

    Yeah, this is gorgeus this tune.

    There is a lot of speedy pieces that are pretty powerful now, but the mrawness of then was great


  3. In my mind, The Kinks were one ove the most underrated bands to come out of rock and roll. People fixated on “Lola” (my least favorite,but probably their biggest moneymaker.)

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