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Jerry Reed youTube acoustic guitar

Jerry Reed is a singer guitarist and songwriter….and even an actor.  He had hits with a song called Guitar Man, a song that Elvis Presley covered,  as well as receiving a Grammy, recording a hit called Amos Moses.  He has apperaed with the legend Chet Atkins and numerous others. 

He’s a sensational country guitarist, his style is easily recognizable. 
About 25years ago I went into a guitar shop to buy a Gibson 335, when I check out new guitars I’ll generally play tunes that involve playing from one end of the fretboard to another.  There’s a song that was written by Stefan Grossman in the style of Jerry Reid.  I played the Grossman tune and when I’d finished, the guitarman callked out from the back of the shop, play some more Jerry Reid, That’s how distunguishable his sound is. 

The information that I write about on this guitar blog site is not strictly for one style or level of musicianship, it is designed to cover all styles, solo as well as accompaniment, fingerstyle as well as plectrum guitar.   This tune makes me laugh… oh yes and the other player of course is… Chet.




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6 thoughts on “Jerry Reed youTube acoustic guitar

  1. Jerry Reid’s recording of The Claw turned me onto acoustic fingerstyle music many years ago. It’s on Youtube for anybody wants to take a look. I was also impressed with him playing the bad guy in a Burt Reynolds movie called Gator. But why, oh why did he agree to appear in Water Boy?

  2. Than Ricky

    I’ve got a video of Gerry, I think it might be on that. Do you play his stuff at all?


  3. Thanks Jay for the heads up, not sure how on earth I got that upside down, at least on the header I got Reed right. That’s the trouble with writing and being your own editor, it’s easy to miss the obvious


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