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Dan Fogelberg youTube Acoustic guitar

I first heard Dan Fogelberg around the time that Souvenirs came out. In fact one of my all time favourite songs is Wysteria of the Homefree album

If you want to do the Acoustic Guitar Singer Songwriter thing, thisis how to do it.   A poem, a story a ballad, a simple melody and a guitar part that stands up by itself, hamer ons, simple chords and and a straight forward finger picking hand.  Dan Fogelbergs death was a loss to the musical community.  But the beauty of the technology we have is it’s ability to capture and freeze time.

A sentimental tune  and it was great that he was successful with it because many people would have got to hear a lot of his other music.  If you are not aware of Dan Fogelbergs music, explore his first few albums.  This guy is good and as a singer songwriter it’s the level to aspire to.




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4 thoughts on “Dan Fogelberg youTube Acoustic guitar

  1. I discovered Dan’s music around the same time you did…

    He was sooooo young when he past away…

    Thank you for making this available to experience on your blog!

  2. Ken

    It’s nice to see other people have been able to appreciate his music for so long

    Captured Angel and Netherlands was very good as well


  3. I first got to know Dan’s music in 1974 after buying my first twelve string Alvarez. I started with Part Of The Plan then came Morning Sky and Place In The World For A Gambler and on and on. I thank my best friend Larry Newton for truning me on to Dan’s songs. In my own adventures through life I could relate to Dan’s songs as I’m from Indiana and lived in Los Angeles, Tennessee and beautiful northern New Mexico not far from the SW Colorado area he loved so much. I looked forward to each new song from Dan like a gift. A tear still comes as I play The Long Way for my daugther who also loves Dan’s songs. So you see how his music as crossed generations. I miss Dan and lealize that we have lost a wonderful poet and musician.

    1. Craig thankyou so much for your response.

      I remember in about 1974 playing many of those tunes, Part of the Plan being one. I particularly like Wysteria. I always preferred Dan’s more acoustic stuff, and yes he was a good electric player. I just feel he nailed the ballad. There were also some beautiful tunes on the double album years later. When I think of the song in particular I’ll let you know which one it was that I felt was equal to his best.

      Cheers Tony

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