James Taylor youTube Fire and Rain

James Taylor playing Fire and Rain, his flawless fingerpicking on an Olsen guitar is a reminder how a well written song can stand up over time.  This acoustic guitar recording is about ten years old now.  Gone is the hair, and the face is a little older but the silky tenor voice still has a gorgeous texture.

 The second version is closer to original recording time. It’s a wonderful trip down memory lane.

I’ve posted two versions on my guitar blog site so you can make a comparison. 

It’s a reminder to us all how music is not necessarily something that we do for a little while, once we can play it can be with us our whole life. The need for us all to express emotions is an essential part of living a healthy emotional life.



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9 responses to “James Taylor youTube Fire and Rain

  1. Gary Lovett

    James Taylor is one of the best musicians there is.
    I grew up listening to his music. Keep on singing

  2. Keep on making that music James. I grew up listening to your music.

  3. acousticguitarist


    I think James taylor is the most underrated guitsar player ever


  4. Otum

    am also the no 1 fan of james taylor in the Philippines. Hope he comes back to perform again. He was here in the early 90s.

  5. One of the most powerful singer and folk guitarist
    in the genre

  6. Fulano77

    I forgot the link; here it goes


    Yes, James Taylor is great musician. I alwasy wondered how he was able to write his songs. Here is an interview with Charlie Rose; also Yo-Yo Ma.

  7. An understated classic, with the power of so many personally powerful experiences. A quiet lullaby to undo the stress and confusion…

  8. ruth maule

    Always loved James Taylor since 32 years ago… has music that is just so classic ..that lovely voice and fantastic guitar..wonderful lyrics…love all his work

  9. Fire and Rain is one of my all time favourite songs.
    Another one of his that I adore, is Copperline. I just posted a guitar lesson based on Copperline on my blog check it out if you’re interested.

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