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Keith Richards Youtube Acoustic Blues in A

Keith Richards playing acoustic Blues guitar. If you are a Rolling Stones fan you’ve got to see this youtube video of ‘Keef’ playing acoustic guitar in the key of A, 32 20 Blues, Robert Johnson style. Complete with ‘tude and ‘ciggie’ hangin’ out of mouth. I love the tone of the old Gibson guitar.

In fact, even iof you don’t like the Stones, if you play guitar, check it out


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8 thoughts on “Keith Richards Youtube Acoustic Blues in A

  1. TT

    If you think back about the Stones, their early music was all blues based.

    I enjoyed this video, I like to hear players on acoustic, I find it easier to to hear the musical voice on acoustic because it’s not colored by technology


  2. It is great to hear and see keith playing this traditional blues stuff… Doesnt Keith use open G tunning alot too? probably because he was into delta players like Robert Johnson and they used open G alot.

    1. Yes he uses that, as you’d realise a lot of Blues players do, for those that don’t know Open G, it is (from the Bass to High Strings)

      D G D G B D

      If you want a really nice tuning, drop the second string to B Flat, that will give you a G Minor tuning

      Tony Hogan

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