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Eurovision Song Contest Highlights

Eurovision Song Contest Highlights

Each year I wait for the Eurovision song Contest with more than a 100 million viewers.  To hear a mix of the different culural music mixed with commercial music is always an interesting experience and I look forward to hearing music that has some sort of integrity.   What turns me off usually is the really bad copies of American music, tackiness, kitsch, and sometimes can’t for the life of me work out what is serious and what is not.  There was a dose of non-music but I was overall very impressed.

Fortunately this year had some memorable musical entries that had a certain amount of cultural flavour and didn’t sell out to sound like Macdonalds music:

My favorites, not in any particular order were:

Albania, a 16 year old girl sang so beautifully, great arrangement and if I was to buy any tune that was recorded and add to my collection it would have to be her song.

The guy from Isreal had a beautiful voice.

Portugal, beautiful harmonies, had a lot of integrity.

Croatia had a 75 year old rapper and a lovely folk sounding song, double bass, piano accordian, acoustic guitar.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, very theatrical, I loved it and so did everyone that watched it with me.

Serbia decided to perform a sweet ballad, it had some folk roots.

The Armenian girl really went for it

I didn’t realize that French girls have beards.

Turkey had great solid rock song.  The drummer was awesome.

Norway had a classic pop ballad.

Denmark probably had the catchiest tune, however if you sing a chorus six times, sooner or later people will get it.  But my biggest question about them was how come they all had dark hair.  I’m an Anne Linnet fan from way back

The heavy metal boys from Finland, leather outfits and all, ripped.  Screaming guitars, classic sound, I loved it even though my heavy metal days are long behind me. Fire smoke and all.

Goodbye California Girls, the Ukraine girl has just knocked you out.  And she can sing.

The guy from Spain was mad, his guitar was too small.  But if that’s what it takes to get a harem of dancers, I shall shrink my guitars immediately.

There were others that were good but these are my highlights.

Congratulations to all those countries that decided to send music and not the nonsense that get served up sometimes.

I guess if I had to vote for three, it would be Albania, Bosnia / Herzegovina and Croatia



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