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A Country Scale for Guitar Improvisation

Country Guitar Scales are the same as Blues Guitar Scales. 

If you are playing a country or folk song on guitar in the key of A, the chances are you would be using the chords A. D and E.  Yes there are a lot of other chords you could use as well but I thought it best to keep it as simple as possible, then develop from there.  If you were to use the A Blues scale, it would sound OK in a blues but would sound very awkward in country or folk. So here’s a great alternative. 

What I and many other players would use would be an F# minor Blues Scale, (# = sharp) .  Thee is a relationship between F# minor and A major, in the same way that there is a relationship between E minor and G. 

Play the following scale slowly, record a backing track of a dozen or so bars of simple chord patterns using A D and E and you’ll se how it fits.  If you’ve never used this scale in this way before I’m confident it will open new doorways for you for improvisation.  I’ll guarantee it will take you to the next phase of your playing when this ‘penny drops’.  I will be doing a number of variations on this scale to make it a bit more musical, and that’s it isn’t it, make better music.A Country Guitar Scale

For the printable pdf file Click a_country_scale in pdf format



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